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Interpreter Reimbursement Fund Form - Guidelines

It is the policy of the DMHMRSAS to support the provision of reasonable accommodations by Community Services Boards for individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, late deafened, or deafblind, in order to permit greater access to community treatment. For this purpose, an annual pool of $30,000 has been established, to be managed by the State Coordinator, Services to People who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Late Deafened, and DeafBlind. These funds will be available to the CSBs through the Interpreter Fees Reimbursement Program.Costs incurred by a CSB while utilizing a qualified American Sign Language or Oral interpreter will be eligible for reimbursement up to 50% of the state contracted rate for certified interpreters.

1. Interpreter fees incurred in service to a consumer or family member who is deaf, hard of hearing, late deafened, or deafblind will be eligible for 50 % reimbursement through the Interpreter Fee Reimbursement Program.
2. Reimbursement of interpreter services provided by employees of community services boards is prohibited under the Interpreter Fees Reimbursement Program.
3.The Virginia Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (VDDHH) currently provides interpreter services for 12 Step meetings and may pay for two interpreted 12 Step meetings per week, per consumer. Interpreter costs for more than two 12 Step meetings per week will be eligible for reimbursement through the Interpreter Fees Reimbursement Program.
4.Interpreters must hold current credentials recognized by the Interpreter Fees Reimbursement Program. (See Recognized Interpreter Credentials below)
5.VDDHH guidelines for interpreter utilization must be followed. (See below)
6.Remote or video teleconferencing interpreting is eligible for reimbursement, if interpreters meet credential criteria.

1.Compensation for interpreters under contract with VDDHH will be commensurate with the credentials of the interpreter utilized, as reflected in the attached VDDHH Compensation Rates for Qualification Level.Reimbursement through the Interpreter Fee Reimbursement Program will be provided at 50% of the state contracted rate. Compensation Rates for Qualification Level below)
2. As reflected in the VDDHH Interpreter Programs Contract (available from DMHMRSAS), compensation for interpreters under contract with VDDHH must include a $4.00 hourly premium for Tactile Interpreting and/or any of the following situations:
(a) Assignments with less than four (4) hours notice
(B) Assignments between 5 PM and 8 AM weekdays
(c) Assignments between Friday 5 PM and Monday 8 AM
(d) Assignments in Virginia Planning Districts 1,2,3,4,5,7,11,12, and 22
3. For CSBs not under contract with VDDHH and/or for interpreters not under contract with VDDHH, reimbursement through the Interpreter Fees Reimbursement Program will be at 50% of the interpreter fee.
4. Mileage fees are eligible for 50% reimbursement at the current state rate of $ .27 per mile.Compensation for travel time (portal-to-portal) is prohibited under the Interpreter Fees Reimbursement Program.

1. To request reimbursement, a CSB will complete an Interpreter Fees Reimbursement Voucher. A brief justification for use of a VQAS Level III interpreter is required on the Reimbursement Voucher. In addition, the submitting CSB will attach a copy of the Interpreter Invoice and proof of payment. Completed vouchers should be forwarded to:

Kathy Baker
Coordinator, Services for Persons who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Late Deafened or DeafBlind
Valley Community Services Board
85 Sangerís Lane
Staunton, Virginia 24401
Phone: (540) 887-3200

2. The Reimbursement Voucher will be reviewed by the State Coordinator and prioritization of reimbursement will be determined by the date received by DMHMRSAS.
3.Reimbursement Vouchers must be received by the State Coordinator within 90 days of the date of service to be considered eligible for reimbursement.
4.Reimbursement for approved vouchers will be issued by the DMHMRSAS to the submitting CSB within 60 days.

Recognized Interpreter Credentials
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)

Full Certificates:CSC (Comprehensive Skills Certificate)
MCSC (Master Comprehensive Skills Certificate)
CI (Certificate of Interpreting)
CT (Certificate of Transliterating)
RSC (Reverse Skills Certificate)
CDI (Certificate Deaf Interpreter)
OIC:C (Oral Interpreter Certificate: Comprehensive)

Partial Certificates:
IC (Interpreting Certificate)
TC (Transliterating Certificate)

Specialist Certificates:
SC:L (Specialist Certificate Legal)

National Association for the Deaf (NAD)

Full Certificate: Level 5

Partial Certificate: Level 4

National Cued Speech Association (NCSA)
Full Certificate:Partial Certificate: TSC 3

Virginia Quality Assurance Screening (VQAS)
Level IV
Level III*
*Requires brief written justification for utilization of VQAS Level III, as interpreters holding that credential are not recommended for mental health assignments by the VDDHH.


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