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System Leadership Council Membership - June 23, 2004

Name Organization
Janet Areson Virginia Municipal League Staff
Steven J. Ashby, Ph.D. Virginia Association of Community Services Boards (VACSB) -Richmond Behavioral Health Authority Executive Director (Region 4)
Jack W. Barber, M.D. Western State Hospital Director
Barbara Barrett VACSB Chair
Mary Ann Bergeron VACSB Executive Director
Charline A. Davidson Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) Planning and Development Director
Gerald E. Deans DBHDS Assistant Commissioner, Facility Management
Mark S. Diorio, Ph.D. Northern Virginia Training Center Director
James L. Evans, M.D. DBHDS Medical Director/Health and Quality Care Director
Thomas Geib VACSB Executive Directors Forum Vice Chair
Paul R. Gilding DBHDS Community Contracting Director
Nita Grignol VACSB Immediate Past Chair
Hunt B. Gunter State Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Board Chair
Catherine Hancock Department of Medical Assistance Services Director of Mental Health Services
Cynthia B. Jones Department of Medical Assistance Services Deputy Commissioner
Dean Lynch Virginia Association of Counties Staff
Charlotte V. McNulty VACSB Executive Directors Forum Chair
Jules J. Modlinski, Ph.D. Southside Community Services Board Executive Director
Raymond R. Ratke DBHDS Deputy Commissioner
James S. Reinhard, M.D. DBHDS Commissioner
S. James Sikkema, LCSW VACSB - Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare (Region 3)
Julie A. Stanley, J.D. DBHDS Assistant Commissioner, Administrative and Regulatory Compliance
James W. Stewart, III Inspector General
Frank L. Tetrick, III DBHDS Assistant Commissioner, Community Services
William J. Thomas VACSB - Valley CSB Executive Director (Region 1)
James A. Thur, M.P.H. VACSB - Fairfax-Falls Church CSB Executive Director (Region 2)
Candace B. Waller VACSB - Chesapeake CSB Executive Director (Region 5)
Joy Yeh, Ph.D. DBHDS Assistant Commissioner, Finance and Administration



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