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System Leadership Council

The Council was mentioned in the FY 2001 Community Services Performance Contract and in subsequent contracts, until FY 2004, when it was included in the new Central Office, State Facility, and Community Services Board Partnership Agreement, which is available on the Departmentís web site. The FY 2005 Partnership Agreement continues the Council.

The Council was established on August 4, 2000, and held its first meeting on September 13, 2000. Since then, it has met five or six times a year. Summaries of the Councilís meetings are also available on the Departmentís web site.

Section 5.5.9 of the Performance Contract and now section 7 of the Partnership Agreement state that the System Leadership Council will meet at least quarterly to, among other responsibilities:

  1. identify, discuss, and resolve communication issues and problems;
  2. examine current system functioning and identify ways to improve or enhance the operations of the system; and
  3.  identify, develop, propose, and monitor the implementation of new service modalities, systemic innovations, and other approaches for improving the accessibility, responsiveness, and cost effectiveness of the publicly-funded mental health, mental retardation, and substance abuse services system.

The Council now includes nine representatives of the Department, a member of the State Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Board, a state mental health facility director, a state mental retardation training center director, 11 representatives of community services boards, two representatives of local governments, and two representatives of the Department of Medical Assistance Services.

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