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PowerPoint Presentation Title Developed and Created By Description of Presentation
Creating a Stable, Qualified Workforce: Meeting the Challenges Ahead Robert M.  Gettings Presentation by Mr. Gettings at the DBHDS 2001 Workforce Summit regarding creating a stable, qualified workforce and the challenges ahead within the health care industry.
Understanding and Managing Health Workforce Shortages Dr. P. J. Maddox
Center for Health Policy Research and Ethics
George Mason University
Presentation by Dr. Maddox at the DBHDS 2001 Workforce Summit on recent developments and trends, challenges and opportunities, the health workforce, implications for management of healthcare and social service organizations and strategies for understanding and managing health workforce shortages.
Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century - Institute of Medicine Allen Daniels
C.E.O., Alliance Behavioral Care
Professor, Clinical Psychiatry
University of Cincinnati
Presentation by Professor Daniels on “Crossing the Quality Chasm. Institute of Medicine Report, citing six aims for improving American health care, ten rules on redesigning of the 21st century health care systems, thirteen recommendations, and four stages of change in health care systems.
Synthesis of State Mental Health Commissions - Consensus Opinions from State and National Leaders, May 30, 2002 David L. Shern, Ph.D. & Nancy Bell, Ph.D.
Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute
University of South Florida 
in collaboration with
National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors

Supported by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Consensus opinions given by state and national leaders. This presentation outlines findings and actions proposed in the mental health field.
Workforce Betty Creamer The Workforce Development Demonstration and Pilot Project, DBHDS Southside Campus. This project proposes the development of current and future workforce by utilizing supports through childcare, senior adult and transportation services.

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