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Quality Management and Development

The central value of the Division of Health and Quality Care is improving the quality of care to clients including standardizing, improving and monitoring the quality of services in state facilities and community programs. The Division of Quality Management and Development serves as one focal point of these efforts, ensuring that quality improvement activities, including best practices and evidence-based outcomes are coordinated and integrated into the primary functions of the organization. These functions include projects in Quality Management and Training, Clinical Utilization and Nursing, and inter-facility and intra-provider communications.

Dev Nair, Assistant Commissioner, Quality Management and Development
(804) 225-3857

Contacts by Office:

Cleopatra Booker, Licensing Director, (804) 786-1747

Marion Greenfield, Facility Quality Management Director, (804) 786-4516

Jodi Kuhn, Data Quality and Visualization Director, (804) 786-0618

Deb Lochart, Human Rights Director, (804) 786-0032

Challis Smith, Community Quality Management Director, (804) 225-3520

Ruth Anne Walker, Administrative and Regulatory Coordinator, (804) 225-2252

QMD Division Organizational Chart