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Individual and Family Support Program

The Individual and Family Support Program (IFSP) is designed to assist individuals on the waiting list for the Developmental Disability (DD) Medicaid waivers to access short-term resources, supports, and services that will help them remain in their own community homes. The program consists of two main components: the IFSP Funding Program and IFSP Coordination Program. 1) a funding program which provides direct assistance to families and individuals who are on the waitlist, and 2) community and state coordination with the purpose of obtaining additional family supports.

Program Announcement

The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) is pleased to announce the opening of the FY2018 Individual and Family Support Program (IFSP) on August 17, 2018.

To access the IFSP FY 2018 Funding Application, please go to https://ifsponline.dbhds.virginia.gov. Applications close on November 17, 2017 @5:00pm.

IFSP Funding Program IFSP Community Coordination Program

The IFSP Funding Program provides financial assistance to individuals and families awaiting services through one of Virginia's Developmental Disabilities waivers. Individuals on the waitlist may apply for financial assistance to cover eligible costs that support continued living in an independent setting.

IFSP Funding Program Guidelines, Application, Forms, etc.

IFSP Regulations

For additional information on the IFSP Funding Program, please contact the following staff:

Bob Villa, IFSP Manager

Phone: 804-371-4696


The IFSP Community Coordination Program supports the work of the State IFSP Council, the advisory group of state and community stakeholders that informs DBHDS policy for addressing the support needs for individuals on a waitlist. The Coordination Program facilitates streamlining state and community supports to better leverage limited resources.

For information on the State IFSP Council and IFSP Coordination Program, please contact:

Erika Jones-Haskins, IFSP Community Coordinator

Phone: 804-786-5813


IFSP Council Information