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Provider Development

Welcome to the Provider Development Page.  Here you will find resources from Provider Development including contacts, training materials and registration links, as well as information about person centered planning and regional support teams (RST). Recent announcements are listed below and information is organized across the following four tabs: Community Resource Consultants (CRC), Person Centered Planning, Regional Support Teams (RST) and Provider Training.


Attention all providers of waiver services (for individuals with DD/ID):

Provider Development needs your support in identifying waiver service availability at each physical service location. We have prepared a simple survey that will help us determine capacity and services that will be offered under the amended DD waivers.

We are requesting that someone at your service site complete the survey. It should be completed once per physical location (e.g. each day support program, each sponsored home, each group home, employment program, etc). The information about the services (previous and new) that a provider will be offering will be shared with Support Coordinators and Case Managers in order for them to be aware of different options for referrals.  

Thank you for a taking a few minutes to provide information for your service location.

Once you have identified who at your location will provide information, click below to take the survey!

Click here to take the Provider Survey!

Now available View the Provider Survey Results Online!

New and updated guidance: Service Limits Chart and the Compatible Incompatible Services Chart NEW 6.29.17

Important contacts can be found on the Who to Contact list! 

The 2016 Orientation Requirements and Training Materials are now available under the Competencies & Training Tab! 

The Provider Development Upcoming Meeting and Training Schedule is now available for July 2017. This schedule will be updated as dates are confirmed. 

My Life My Community Training Slides and Handouts now available under the Competencies & Training Tab! 

Online Training for billing and reimbursement now available at DMAS!

Now available the Waiver Experts contact list by CSB/BHA (Updated 3-13-17)

The Virginia Informed Choice Form (DMAS 460/459 A and B) and instructions are now available under the Regional Support Teams tab. In addition, there is a new document called "Supporting Choice: Resources for SCs and CMs."

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