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Developmental Services

Thank you for visiting the Developmental Disability Services page for individuals and families.  In this section, you will find resources about accessing services and supports for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Notice of Public Comment Period

The Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) and Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) will welcome public comment regarding the submission to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) amendments to the following 1915(c) Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Medicaid Waivers: Intellectual Disability (ID); Individual and Family Developmental Disability (DD) Supports; Day Support (DS).

Virginia has partnered with stakeholders and national experts to transform the Medicaid Intellectual and Developmental Disability (I/DD) waiver system.  The intent of the amendments is to offer waiver services designed to assure that people with disabilities have the supports needed to live lives of quality and meaning integrated in the community.  The amendments:

  • Achieve consistency, equity, quality and accountability across waivers;
  • Unify eligibility implementing a single DD eligibility criterion;
  • Implement one process to qualify for and access I/DD supports;
  • Provide services and funding based on individual needs; and,
  • Include new services that create more choices and opportunity.


The amendments include changes to the waiver names. The changes, and links to the amended waiver applications, are as follows: 

  • ID Waiver becomes the Community Living Waiver
  • DD Waiver becomes the Family and Individual Supports Waiver
  • DS Waiver becomes the Building Independence Waiver


This notice also serves to open the 30 day public comment period, which begins on Friday, January 29 and closes on Monday, February 29 at 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Instructions for Public Comment Submission:

Electronic Submission- If you are submitting comments, please ensure comments are labeled by waiver and by appendix.  Comments should be sent to; comments may be sent within the body of an email or placed within a Microsoft Word document.

Or, submit via US postal mail to:

Deanna Parker

The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services

PO Box 1797

Richmond, Virginia 23218-1797

Or, Fax to: Deanna Parker, (804) 692-0077

Copies may also be requested by contacting via e-mail at, or by mail to: Deanna Parker, DBHDS, PO Box 1797, Richmond, Virginia 23218-1797

Amendments can be found at the DMAS website  or by clicking on the links below:

Community Living Waiver

Family Individuals Supports Waiver

Building Independence Waiver


Looking for Individual and Family Service Program (IFSP) funding applications? CLICK HERE
Buscando solicitudes para el Programa de Servicio Individual y Familiar (IFSP)? HAGA CLICK AQUI

Validation of Support Needs:

The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services has completed a validation of the support needs as determined by the Supports INtensity Scale. 

Validation Summary for Families

Validation Study Summary Full Report 

Waiver Redesign:

Responses to Public Comments

The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) has completed its review of comments submitted in response to the proposed provider rates for services provided through the Intellectual Disabilities (ID), Individual and Family Developmental Disabilities Support (DD), and Day Support waiver programs.

  • DBHDS’ response to each submitted comment as well as the changes made in response to comments are included in a document here.
  • The final rate models, which incorporate changes made in responses to public comments can be found here.
  • The estimated fiscal impact of implementing the final rate models can be viewed here.

DBHDS appreciates everyone who took time to provide feedback on the proposed rate models and looks forward to stakeholders’ continued involvement to incorporate the new fee schedule into the waivers and to work through the budget process to secure the funding necessary to begin implementing these rates in 2016.

Initial Waiver Redesign Documents: 

As many of you are aware, My Life, My Community is a DBHDS to improve services for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities (I/DD). As part of this initiative, DBHDS is reviewing various aspects of the programs serving individuals with I/DD.

This review includes the rates paid to providers of waiver services. With the assistance of a national consultant – Burns & Associates, Inc. (B&A) – DBHDS has developed proposed rate models. The following materials have been prepared and are available online.

Overview of Proposed Waiver Rates 

Information Brief on the Supports Intensity Scale (SIS)

Estimated Fiscal Impact of Proposed Rate Models

Proposed Waiver Rate Models

Provider Survey Analysis

Division of Developmental Services Leadership Contacts:



Phone #

Connie Cochran

Assistant Commissioner


Dawn M. Adams

Director, Health Services


Peggy Balak

DOJ Settlement Advisor


Heather Norton

Director, Community Support Services


Gail Rheinheimer

Director, Provider Development


Beverly Rollins

Director, Administrative Community Operations


Debbie Smith

Director, Community Integration


Dawn Traver

Director, Waiver Operations


On this tab, you will be able to find current presentations provided by the Division of Developmental Services.





NCI is a voluntary effort by public developmental disabilities agencies to measure and track their own performance.

The core indicators are standard measures used across states to assess the outcomes of services provided to individuals and families. Indicators address key areas of concern including employment, rights, service planning, community inclusion, choice, and health and safety.

Virginia's NCI Annual Reports

Upcoming The Advisory Consortium on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
"Where Diversity is Appreciated, Consensus is Valued and All Opinions Matter."

Charge for TACIDD
1. TACIDD serves in an advisory capacity to the DBHDS through the Office of Developmental Services on issues regarding policy, services and supports for persons with developmental disabilities in Virginia. 

2. TACIDD is made up of any interested party in Virginia who wishes to participate in advising the DBHDS in the development of policy and services with regard to persons with DD. TACIDD does not have "members." All recognized organizations in Virginia who have as a primary focus the development or improvement of services and supports for persons with DD are invited and encouraged to have at least one representative at each meeting. TACIDD strives to have regional representation from across the Commonwealth. 

3. TACIDD produces outcomes in the form of written "Advisories" to the Department concerning any issue it has been assigned by the Department or has elected to develop. 

4. TACIDD uses the form of smaller work groups to research and develop the Advisories on specific issues for presentation to the larger group. 

5. TACIDD tracks items related to developmental disabilities that are being developed by other agencies through invitation for presentations and through periodic reports. 

6. TACIDD focuses on its role as an advisor to the Department, is oriented to the development of Advisories on issues related to best practice models and improvements to the current system in Virginia and annually evaluates its effectiveness through an assessment of the number of Advisories that result in legislative or policy affirmation as a percentage of the full body of work developed.  

Upcoming Meetings

TACIDD generally meets four times per year. Meetings typically occur from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM.  We will update the time and location of the meeting as they are scheduled.

Next Scheduled Meeting:

October 30th at Henrico Area Mental Health and Developmental Services

Previous Meeting Presentations:    

July 17th TACIDD Meeting Presentations: