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Substance Abuse Services

The Office of Substance Abuse Services (OSAS) plans, develops, directs, funds and monitors the delivery of comprehensive substance abuse services throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. To ensure the delivery of coordinated services to mutually served populations, OSAS provides liaison services to other state agencies that interact with the public substance abuse treatment services delivery system.  OSAS is involved in design, development and implementation of evaluation processes, data reporting standards and measures used to analyze the delivery of public substance abuse treatment services.  Monitoring and review of the public substance abuse prevention and treatment services delivery system assures compliance with federal and state standards, regulations and protocols.  Click on the links below to learn more about OSAS' goals and resources. 

OSAS Goals
  • Develop an integrated substance abuse (community and facility) array of treatment and support elements.
  • Establish quality standards and practices throughout the substance abuse treatment system. 
  • Improve internal and external customer communications and relationships. 
  • Increase education and training on current substance abuse methods when working with rural or culturally distinct populations. 
  • Maximize technology and resources to sustain, support, and expand the substance abuse treatment system. 
  • Empower the substance abuse treatment system to reduce and prevent the adverse effects of alcohol and drug abuse on individuals, families, and communities in Virginia
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Mellie Randall, Director – (804) 371-2135
Lisa Street, Administrative Assistant – (804) 371-7760 
MargaretAnne Lane, Planning Analyst – (804) 225-4649

Program Monitoring and Oversight

Lisa Street, Administrative Assistant – (804) 371-7760
Martha Kurgans – (804) 371-2184
Julie Truitt – (804) 786-0825
Susan Pauley – (804) 692-1645
Diane Oehl –  (804) 972-2284