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VASIP/COSIG State Steering Committee


An important original goal of Virginia’s COSIG grant was the development of a State Steering Committee to provide input into project activities from a wide range of stakeholders. From its inception in March 2005 to July 2006, the Steering Committee was comprised of DBHDS staff from the offices of Mental Health, Substance Abuse Services, Child and Family Services and Facility Operations who provided a higher level of input into project activities beyond the day-to-day Operations Team. It was always the Department’s intention to include consumers, advocates and community and state facility providers on the Committee, and in July 2006 we began that process by inviting representatives of consumer advocacy organizations to join the group.

The Steering Committee met on December 7, 2006, facilitated by project consultant Dr. Ken Minkoff.  Dr. Minkoff provided suggestions to the newly re-formed Committee on possible activities that would further the goals of the project. CSB staff representing four of the seven regional planning partnerships attended that meeting for the first time. At that meeting, the Steering Committee voted to develop several subcommittees to focus on specific goal areas of the VASIP/COSIG initiative, including staff development and training; developing a welcoming service system; and recommending “architecture” for the state’s on-going transformation process. As a result of that vote, three subcommittees were created, including Membership, Welcoming, and Training, which eventually was re-named the VASIP Professional Training and System Development Workgroup. (The Steering Committee later voted to abandon the idea of recommending an architecture for transformation, as it was agreed that this idea was beyond the scope of the Committee’s work.)

As of this update in December 2007, the Steering Committee includes CSB representatives from four of the seven planning regions, three of the eight state mental health hospitals, and four consumer advocacy organizations. A roster of the Steering Committee’s members includes their contact information.

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